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Culture of Experts is a free talent program for HR professionals, hiring

managers and company leadership. It is a resource that can help you:


POSITION your organization for optimal talent and future change

UNDERSTAND Artificial Intelligence, as it redefines expert work

HIRE and DEVELOP Unconventional Experts, who are irreplaceable


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1. The Leadership Labyrinth

Ask a CEO about talent acquisition and you'll get ... "ask HR!"

          Access - Travel down a road in talent acquisition that leads to creativity and problem solving.

         Discover - Respond to changes that have recently transpired within the Buffalo job market.

        Connect - Surround yourself with those who capitalize on change to win market share.

          Meet - Find candidates who can contribute to intellectual property and strategic advantage.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET

2. "LEADER-2-LEADER" Discussion Network

         A free private network that connects top leadership for discussion

          Access - Join a small, private, working network of top leaders who want to network with you.

          Discover - Share knowledge within a network of people who face similar business challenges.

          Connect - Join a club within the business world that is free of golf clubs and country clubs.

          Meet - Establish relationships that can turn into business partnerships and personal friendships.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET 

3. Professional Leadership Consultancy

                   Get top-level advice from top-level Buffalo leadership

          Access - Tap into the information that you need from the leaders who have been in your shoes.

          Discover - Get answers to specific questions that cannot be answered in any other way.

        Connect - Stand on the shoulders of those who have made mistakes that you don't have to make.

          Meet - Discuss process, strategy and execution of strategy within a face-to-face paid consultation.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET              

4. Talent Acquisition Consultancy

          Consult with recruiters who see the changes in the job market

          Access - Look behind the curtain, into exhaustive research and strategies that find the best.

          Discover - Learn how research intelligence can help find the best candidates available.

        Connect - Develop new strategies and add intellectual property through talent acquisition.

          Meet - Discuss recent changes in the Buffalo job market in a face-to-face consultation.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET

5. Talent Acquisition Assessment

          A free assessment to assure the best investment in Top-Talent

          Access -  Glean talent acquisition secrets from some of Buffalo's top business drivers.

          Discover - Have your talent acquisition practices assessed and compared to current trends.

        Connect - Exchange information with those who live in the belly of the talent acquisition beast.

          Meet - Gain insight from search professionals who have seen some companies drop the ball.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET

6. Talent Network

            A talent network of available candidates for national search

          Access - Public networks and private networks created by a premium executive search firm.

          Discover - A new way of finding confidential talent based on skills and experience profiles.

          Connect - Find key technical talent, available for employment, local or able to relocate. 

          Meet - Key candidates are ready and waiting to learn about new career opportunities.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET


"There are things we do not know we don't know"

          Access - Find inspiration for talent acquisition through quotes, memes, thoughts and tips.

          Discover - Use out-of-the-box thinking to break out of the rust-belt Buffalo business mindset.

        Connect - Use new talent acquisition practices that connect the dots necessary to win.

          Meet - Find out what fits by finding out who fits within your organization's corporate culture.

                                             ACCESS   •   DISCOVER   •   CONNECT   •   MEET

BuffaloTalent is powered by Human Castle Executive Search

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